When our kids were young, we camped along the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota.  Beautiful canopies of humidified trees sopped the muddy path from our car to our campsite several hundred yards away.  Back and forth, our little family trudged, unloading gear, setting up tents and staking our claim along the waterside.

On one venture heading back to get the cooler, Maddie our youngest, who was 5 at the time and 10 feet behind us, stopped in the middle of the pathway and shouted, “STOP!  I WANT TO BE THE LEADER!”  The word “leader” echoed for what seemed to be a solid 15 minutes, bouncing from tree to canyon to mountain peak.

Have you ever asked yourself why you want to be a leader?  For Maddie, she simply didn’t like dodging the mud thrown from the back heels of everyone else.  But what about you?  Why do you want to lead?

Bad leaders simply want to be controlling (see related post).  Weak leaders need to have their ego’s bronzed so their insecurities stay hidden.  Cowardly leaders like the feeling of popularity when situations are good and blame others when situations are bad.

So why do you want to lead?  Here are a few right answers to help you become a better leader:

1)  I want to lead because in leading I have an opportunity to learn.
2)  I want to lead because I love to see other people not just survive but thrive.
3)  I want to lead because I feel I can contribute to the entire organization in a positive way.
4)  I want to lead because I desire to add value to other peoples’ lives.

As you ponder your own answer to that question, remember that leadership is, at it’s core, a servant’s role.

Why do you want to lead?


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