058: One Problem For Leaders [Podcast]

058: One Problem For Leaders [Podcast]

credit: Kelly Robertson
credit: Kelly Robertson

Listening is one of the most important skills we can have and yet most of us, especially leaders, aren’t very good at doing so. How can you be a better listener to take your leadership to the next level?


When starting a conversation, a good beginning is to ask, “What is the end goal of our conversation?”  “What do you want to see happen?” and then to listen.

Problem:  Leaders tend to think we have all the answers.  When that happens we talk too much and we don’t listen enough.  

If you play that out, your team becomes completely dependant on you being able to solve their problems. 

Realistically, there are situations in which you have to be directive as a leader.  Depending on the industry, the project, but what would it look like to take a coach approach.  

What is a coach approach?  

Instead of talking 80% and listening 20%, what if we switched it around. 

What if we listened 80% and talked 20%.  

What does that look like?

A coach approach is simply helping uncover answers that they most likely already know but are afraid to move on.  

Questions to avoid:

‘Why’ Questions:  It can create feelings of failure and regret.  Then the solution side of your brain shuts down.  

Questions to ask:

Begin every question with ‘What’ or ‘How’.

What do you think?

How would that impact the client, market or product?




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