091: Restarting The Podcast

091: Restarting The Podcast

After a long break, I’m restarting my podcast. Today, I talk about the title of the podcast to define three words that will help those who are new to understand how this site can help you. Plus, I have a bonus download.

“Christian Leaders Coaching”
  • Christian:  the framework through which I work.  I work with and coach mainly people who call themselves Christian, but I also have many who profess no faith.  I don’t try to convert people.  This title is simply my faith and system of belief.
  • Leaders:  Everyone is a leader and the first person you lead is yourself.  I work with people who work in the church and people who are Christians who work in the work-place.  Teachers, Pastors, Youth and Children’s workers, IT Techs, Engineers and Small Business Owners are part of that list
  • Coaching:  It is not counseling or consulting which offer opinions and solutions that a person may or may not connect with.  Pure Coaching helps a person discover their next best step.  Click here to read more on “coaching.”
HOW IT HELPS:  In the past on this podcast, I’ve covered topics such as helping you find a job.  How god transforms every inch of your life, godly parenting, handling burnout the way Jesus did.
Some of the future topics that people have asked:
  • Goal setting – next week.
  • How do I find God’s vision for my ministry?
  • Huge one…. What’s my purpose?  Why am I here? How do I focus my life?
  • Anxiety.
I know this helps because you, the listeners, write in and tell me your stories… which I love!!!!
If you want to ask me a question that has been bugging you, send fill out this form or send an email to me at Todd@ChristianLeadersCoaching.com:

Free Download:
“The Graph of Life” helps you identify strength and weakness areas of your life.

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