093: My Top 3 Productivity Apps

093: My Top 3 Productivity Apps

Technology is great, especially when we use it to organize our lives and make our days more productive.  On today’s episode, I talk about the top 3 productivity apps that I use and give examples of how I use them throughout the day.  Kelly asked what top 3 productivity apps do I use.

These are what works for me.

I use one or all of them multiple times per day.

Here how I use them from the beginning of the day till the end.

* Notes app on iPhone with voice dictation.  While I’m driving to work, I record any thoughts or to do’s that come to mind.
* Wunderlist.  (link below) A massive to-do list app. It has multiple to-do lists, under which you can create subtasks and dates and reminders, organize the most important thing, share to do list. So I get to work and transfer my crazy thoughts from my notes app into a folder that is my main INBOX folder. Everything starts there.
* Calendar app. I cross reference the organization of my tasks with my calendar and follow it throughout the day.

Then I have 4 other folders.  This is how I prioritize what should come first for today and it helps for what I can put off until tomorrow.

Here’s the question:

What is the outcome if I don’t do this today?

So my filter isn’t what I should get done, but what is the negative outcome if I don’t get it done.
Then I organize them into four folders:
* ‘A’ EVENTS (Must do – serious consequences for non-completion – meeting with boss, visiting client)
* ‘B’ EVENTS (Should do – mild consequences for non-completion – check email, call someone, return phone call)
* ‘C’ EVENTS (Nice to do – no consequences for non-completion – call home, read an article)
* ‘D’ EVENTS (Delegate – everything possible )
* Then within each of these folders, I organize what I should do first.

To see how I use these folders, download the free Productivity 101 below.




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