094: How Do I Find God’s Vision For My Ministry

094: How Do I Find God’s Vision For My Ministry

Finding and defining vision can be a daunting task.  Today, I talk about how to go about seeking God’s vision for ministry based on a question from a group coaching question from Dan.

If you google the topic, the processes of finding a vision for an organization are endless.

Here are my thoughts.

First thing is that you should make sure you are the one to bring a vision to the church.  I know that sounds weird, but many churches are set up where the Board or the congregation brings the vision and then the Pastor simply manages and shepherds that vision.  It is an American model but used by many churches.  The Biblical model is that Jesus is the head of the church and then the lead Shepherd/Pastor seeks the vision in conjunction with others in the ministry.   

Another thing, remember that it is God’s church.

Mission vs. Vision:

  • “Mission” is the big picture.  All churches have basically the same mission that God has given them.  From Matthew 28, “Go and make disciples.”
  • “Vision” is how the mission plays out in a local context.

In my 20 years of experience and across many different types of ministries, I’ve found there really aren’t perfect steps to finding a vision, but there are certain parts of that vision that should be included.

There are at least 4 key aspects that every vision should include.  (This also comes from an article that I read from Jeremy Roberts).

  1. Reach lost people
  2. Pastor/shepherd people we reach
  3. Train them for acts of ministry
  4. Get them to do something.  In other words, get them involved.

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