096: How To Lead Differently Part 1

096: How To Lead Differently Part 1

Have you ever found that you need a new leadership skill that will help equip your team? Today I answer Jessica’s question about how to lead differently through coaching.

What’s common as a leader:

  • Employees see us as the go-to person.
  • Once you become the end all of their questions, they will bring everything to you.
  • Then, we feel like we have to have all the answers.

Ultimately we become the boss.
Listen, you don’t want to be a boss … you want to be a leader.

I believe that all leaders need to learn to also be coaches. Or maybe better said is to add the skill of coaching to your tool belt.

What is coaching?

The coach approach helps people realize a change is needed because of pain or pleasure, and then helps them set up, implement and evaluate a plan for change.

What it isn’t:

Counseling (helping with emotional instability) or Mentoring/Consulting (giving strategies)


  • Assumes overall health
  • Deals with the desire to move forward
  • Focuses on the present and future (asks “What’ and “How”)

Basically, coaching helps the person discover their own next best step toward moving forward and finding solutions.

“If they come up with it, they’ll move forward with it.”

3 Key Words:

  • Questions
  • Curiosity
  • Silence

Next Week:  Learning two models that I use for coaching.

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