BPM Secret Page 2018

BPM Secret Page 2018

Hi, BPM Coaching Session Attendees!todd-mug-copy

Welcome to the “secret page” reserved just for you!!!   First — thanks for attending my session.  It was great to meet all of you!

As promised, here are the resources that I mentioned during the session.

But First …

I’d love to work with you to help take your life, work, and ministry to the next level.  Click on the button below to schedule your free strategy session or to just ask me a question via email.


Here are the resources I mentioned at BEST PRACTICES FOR MINISTRY 2018:

From the Session:


Links to books you NEED to get on Amazon:

Podcasts that will help you learn to be a Leader/Coach:

A coupon code to work with me for one free session, plus $150 off my monthly rate.  Reminder … you get a free coaching session with me with no obligations! 

If you’d like me to come in and coach your team in coaching, send me an email at todd@christianleaderscoaching.com or go to the CLC  website at Christian Leaders Coaching.com.

AND REMEMBER … you get a free strategy call, just by being in the session.  Click below:


I appreciate you!